Bridge Groups


Stockbridge/McDonough Group

Stockbridge/McDonough Group


Jonesboro Bridge Group

We are a small group of marrieds, singles and children.

We meet on Friday nights at 7:00 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Ernest Lewis and Lillian Robinson

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Fayetteville/Sharpsburg Group

You are invited to come and spend some time with a group of ordinary people who strive to do things in an extraordinary way. We are committed to God and committed to having a good time on the journey. Come join us.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Ken & Gilda Willis

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Conyers Group

Our group is made up of families who meet at various locations.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Mike & April Maddox

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Midtown Group

Our Bridge Group is made up of mostly singles, but we welcome everyone.

We meet on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM.

Bridge Group Leaders: Johnathan Hollis & Geraldine Young

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Cascade Group

Our group is a mixture of marrieds with kids and single parents. We enjoy family time in the Cascade area where locations and activities are always fresh.

We meet every other Friday night at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Gerald & Josephine Rankin

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Eastside Bridge Groups


Tucker (Singles) Group

We are a close knit group of eccentric singles who share our lives through exciting things like road trips, movies, exploring the communities and hanging out. To boost our spiritual life we pray for each other, have weekly Bible study and maintain a family-like atmosphere. Come join our family!

We meet at 7:30 PM every Tuesday night in the North Dekalb Mall Food Court

Bridge Group Leader: Brian Hall & Chimere Cole

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Stone Mountain Group


Stone Mountain (Redan) Group

We are a group of families focused on loving God and others.

Our meeting times and locations vary.

Bridge Group Leader: Robert & Soletchi Sery

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Snellville Group

We are a group that loves God and is focused on bringing families together and learning the word with food, fellowship and fun.

We meet Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Junie and Rostosha Foy

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Lithonia Group


Lithonia (Single Women) Group

We are a group of single women who are dedicated to serving God and others. We located on the East side of Metro-Atlanta.

Our meeting times vary.

Bridge Group Leader: Rebecca Hunt

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Grayson Group

The Grayson Bridge Group is a diverse, fun group of marrieds, children and singles. We strive to love God, love people, and make God known to others

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Ken & Rhonda Fennell

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Roswell Group

We are a diverse laid back group from various churches and spiritual backgrounds, and we have spiritual discussion and activities weekly. Our group participates regularly in planned outings, community service and potluck dinner.

We meet Friday nights at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Julian Black

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Powder Springs Group

We are a group of marrieds with children, however all are welcome.

We meet every other Tuesday night at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Thomas & Juliana Watson

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Marietta West Group

We are mix of singles, young adults, marrieds, and single moms located in the Marietta/West Cobb area. We share our lives through bible studies, family style gatherings and community focused activities

We meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leaders: Adrian & Crystal Consonery

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Douglasville Group

We are a family oriented mixture of married couples, singles and single moms located in the Hiram/Douglasville area. Our motto is “Food, Family and Fellowship”.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:15 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: AC & Gail Cheeks

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Acworth Kennesaw (AKB) Group

Faith – Family – Fun

Our goal is to build faithful relationships with God, each other, and the people around us. This will both enrich our families and allow us to have fun in the process.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM.

Bridge Group Leader: Keith & Stephanie Dunn

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