Kaleidoscope Counseling Center at Bridge Pointe Church

Biblical Counseling is founded on the knowledge that the Holy Bible has the solution to every situation that man will face and that God’s solutions are more effective than those devised by man. The Bible provides sound instruction on how to live a full and abundant life.  Biblical Counselors depend on God’s scripture as the guideline to administer counseling. The Bible enables the counselor to see beyond the surface and consider the heart of the individuals they are counseling.  During a Biblical Counseling session, there are no prescriptions of medication administered. There is simply prayer and the request of guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Crystal holds a PhD in Biblical Counseling and holds professional certifications in Stress Management, Trauma Psychology and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Specializing in Marriage & Family, Trauma and Anxiety & Depression her primary goal is to ensure her clients reach their optimal healing through mental, emotional, spiritual and physical care.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Crystal please call (770) 847-0112 or you may reach her via email at